Electrostatic Painting

If your business contains bathroom stalls, lockers or other areas that contain metal surfaces, these surfaces eventually become worn out. If you thought there was no solution to this problem, take a look at the effects of electrostatic painting. Electrostatic painting with Alpine Painting and Restoration can restore those surfaces so they look new with their factory finish.

Alpine Painting and Restoration for Electrostatic Painting

In addition to being highly skilled at commercial painting and epoxy flooring services, Alpine Painting and Restoration is experienced with electrostatic painting. In an electrostatic painting, we paint a conductive material with an electrically charged particle process that allows us to paint with a high degree of accuracy. It is similar to powder coating, but quicker and more efficient, as it does not require oven baking to dry.

Try Electrostatic Painting for Your Business Today

If your business has locker rooms, bathroom stalls or other areas with rusted metal pieces, you have to take action. The appearance of every part of your establishment reflects upon your business and how clients, partners and employees perceive you. If you’ve been considering replacing these items, consider the high cost. There is no need to incur such an expense when our electrostatic painting can make these metal pieces look like new for a fraction of the cost. To find out more about electrostatic painting for your business, or for a free estimate or to schedule service, contact Alpine Painting and Restoration today.