Painting and Cleaning Services for Restaurants

In the restaurant industry, first impressions are everything. If a customer walks into your establishment and finds dirty, sticky floors, peeling and fading paint and an overall dingy dining room, they’re likely to turn right around and walk out the door. A fresh coat of paint and routine restaurant cleaning services will ensure the longevity of your furnishings and equipment, provide a safe and clean environment for staff and create positive, lasting impressions on your customers.

Alpine Painting and Restoration provides commercial painting services for restaurants throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, and our experts are dedicated to giving your customers a truly memorable and enjoyable dining experience with our comprehensive solutions. Whether you’re breathing new life into your cafe, revitalizing your entire space or painting a new construction, Alpine Painting and Restoration understands that you need effective and tasteful industrial painting solutions to keep your doors open.

We work closely with all of our clients to develop a complete painting and cleaning plan for their restaurant that individualizes their space, adheres to all food safety and industry standards and stays on their schedule. In other words, you’ll receive outstanding finishes with minimal impact on your business operations.

Restaurant Painting Services to Attract New Customers

Transform your restaurant into the “it” place to be on a Friday night with an eye-catching new paint application. Whether you need to brighten your existing coloring or completely reimagine your decor, Alpine Painting and Restoration can help. We understand that finding attractive, food-safe solutions and working around your hectic schedule can be a challenge, so our team has developed the most effective, high-quality solutions using the best materials and equipment available. We’ll meet your daily and long-term needs and deliver exceptional finishes that exceed your highest expectations.

At Alpine Painting and Restoration, we offer a range of versatile industrial painting and coating solutions for restaurants, including:

  • Sand blasting and power washing
  • Interior surface painting
  • Light surface caulking and repair
  • Exterior wall painting
  • High-durability coatings

Floors So Clean You Could Eat Off of Them — Comprehensive Restaurant Cleaning Solutions at Alpine Painting and Restoration

Serve your customers with confidence knowing that all of your surfaces and equipment are pristine and free of harmful germs and bacteria. With our comprehensive industrial cleaning services, you can improve safety measures, create a professional and functional environment and encourage employee productivity. Our cleaning professionals have the tools and equipment to fully remove contaminants and debris from your space without damaging your space’s surfaces. We’ll work closely with you to develop personalized cleaning solutions tailored to your operating needs and food handling requirements.

Epoxy Flooring for Restaurants

At Alpine Painting and Restoration, we install the most diverse selection of epoxy flooring solutions for a variety of different needs and aesthetics. When applying a new epoxy floor or coating, it’s crucial to properly prepare the surface for lasting appearance, performance and protection. Our skilled team will use a system of eco-friendly blast media and water to clean the surface and remove any built up debris. As needed, we’ll repair cracks and similar issues.

We’ll offer a wide selection of restaurant flooring products and epoxy flooring based on your facility’s needs and activities, including:

  • Thin-mil
  • Medium-mil and self-leveling
  • Color quartz and color flake decorative applications

Call Alpine Painting and Restoration — Pennsylvania’s Best Source for Restaurant Painting and Cleaning Services

At Alpine Painting and Restoration, we’re excited to work with you and provide custom industrial painting and cleaning services for your restaurant — call us today at 215-348-4410 or complete our online contact form. We happily provide services for restaurants throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.