Food and Beverage Plant Painting

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Food and beverage production and manufacturing plants require special coatings and conditions for safe performance and output. These coating must also be durable enough for successful and productive daily operations. At Alpine Painting and Restoration, our team of highly trained experts specializes in a wide range of industrial and commercial coating applications throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We have over 25 years of experience working with food and beverage plants, and we understand the strict food service regulations and standards. We’ll work closely with you to find applications that meet your needs and exceed those industry expectations.

Our professionals have the experience to select and apply specific surface coatings for certain food and beverage manufacturing facilities, and all our coating options are food-grade paints for safety and efficiency and FDA approved. For our customers’ convenience, we can even dispatch crews after-hours or during weekends to avoid disrupting normal daily operations.

Food and Beverage Plant Painters Throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Surrounding Areas

Since 1990, Alpine Painting and Restoration has been the premier commercial and industrial painting and coating specialists throughout the tri-state area. We provide the best value and high-quality painting solutions for the following food and beverage facilities:

  • Hot and cold beverage bottling plants
  • Food processing facilities
  • High-heat consumable manufacturing
  • Food packaging plants

Surface Coatings for Food and Beverage Plants

To ensure safe and efficient food production environments, processing facilities, manufacturing plants and packing and bottling locations require specific surface coating solutions. At Alpine Painting and Restoration, our experienced and trained team understands these specific requirements. We’ve developed efficient and reliable coating offerings designed to ensure safe operations, protect surfaces and equipment, and maximize output.

With our durable and high-quality coatings, your food or beverage facility will benefit from the following features:

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Food acid and element chemical resistance
  • Long-term performance and impact damage resistance
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Sanitary and FDA approved paints and coatings

Our specialized food-grade paints and FDA-approved coatings feature high-performance qualities, including resistance to hot water, oils, fats, steam, and extreme hot or cold temperatures. They are nonstick, provide added protection for food preparation equipment and are quick-mold release.

Our Food and Beverage Production Facility Painting and Coating Process

To guarantee high-quality and longlasting paint and coating applications, we follow a precise process using the best tools and equipment available. Our team takes great care in your space, focusing on every detail to ensure performance and improved safety and business operations. During painting and coating projects, we will:

  • Remove all old paint and coatings using skilled high-pressure water blasting or environmentally friendly media blasting
  • Prepare all surfaces and repair any cracks or gauges in flooring
  • Apply factory flooring solutions and epoxy coatings
  • Paint and coat doorways, shelving and equipment with anti-microbial coatings and food grade options
  • Add safety directional lines and safety symbols to walls and flooring

Food and Beverage Companies We Have Done Business For:

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Call Alpine Painting and Restoration For Your Painting Needs

For over 25 years, Alpine Painting and Restoration has been the most knowledgeable and reliable food and beverage plant painting company throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. When you work with us, you’re guaranteed high-performance coatings that adhere to all food safety and industry requirements. Our experts can even make product recommendations to enhance your operations and safety measures.

Learn more about our food and beverage painting and coating services today by calling us at 215-348-4410 to speak to a specialist or complete our online form to request services.

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